mystic wood


mystic wood roland
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Mad Roland: Quest to leave the Mystic Wood with the Princess

graphics mystic wood board game (Description)

Players are (characters) seeking to perform a particular quest to win the game. The board is made up of randomly placed (tiles) that describe the layout of the wood. Randomly chosen (role cards) reveal different denizens and spells explained in the (mystic wood rules book).


mystic wood britomart
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Britomart: Quest to leave the Mysyic Wood with the Prince


mystic wood arch mage
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Arch-Mage: As friend,sends you to area of your choice, and remains


mystic wood damsel
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Damsel:Knight who draws this card must deliver Damsel to Queen before leaving the Wood, then adds 1 to Prowess


mystic wood dragon
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When vanquished by other Knight tha George, flies to Gate in other Wood


mystic wood druid
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Druid: Golden Bough Admits bearer to the Cave


mystic wood dwarf
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Dwarf: Tells where Armour is


mystic wood enchantress
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Enchantress: If vanquished , transports herself.
Captures Knight she vanquishes


mystic wood illusion
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Illusion: If vanquised, it does your bidding. Immediatly send it to any area not occupied by Knight


mystic wood king
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King: Vanquisher becomes King and must occupy Castle to win. Ignores Britomart


mystic wood merlin
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Merlin: Gives Shield


mystic wood orc
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Orc: Vanquisher add 1 to Prowess


mystic wood princess
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Princess: As friend, adds 1 to Knight's Prowess. Will not aid against King


mystic wood witch
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Witch: Gives Potion